VERI Media er et medieselskap som leverer film og foto. Vi er basert i Sogndal, Sogn og Fjordane. 

Film, filmproduksjon, fotograf, foto, fotografering, location scouting.

VERI was founded in 2016 by two adventureres with a love for filmmaking, photography and wild nature. Having grown up surrounded by wilderness, but on opposite sides of the world, we joined forces to tell the true stories of real Norwegian establishments. We are now based in Sogndal, in the heart of "Fjord Norway".


As we grew we realised that VERI had to bring in an extra person, and we brought in Knut-Hendrik, who is responsible for all things motorised, drone-piloting and is our official extreme sports model (when he isn't injured). 


We deliver high-quality photography and videography products created with authenticity and passion. Be it photo-stories or commercials, aerial images, indoors or out in the harshest environments, VERI is ready. Contact us to find out how we can tailor media to your identity and tell your story with lasting positive impact.  


VERI is a fully insured commercial RO2 RPAS operator, operating in accordance with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority and the Norwegian National Security Authority.

Vegard Byrkjeland Aasen
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Knut-Hendrik Lajord Snitjer